So we landed on the other end of the terrestrial sphere after having spent 11 hours in the air straight.  American gave us a warm welcome.  We already have lived 6 months in the state of Pennsylvania.  They gave us a good apartment.  They gave me an undeserved pension and financial aid to my wife.  These sources of funds suffice to pay for our rent and all utilities.  They give us coupons for our food.  They welcomed us into the local Christian-Baptist church.  We are learning English.  We are clothed, have shoes, and drive our own car.  Both of my daughters live in Germany.  My elder Galya has 8 children.  Tanya has 2 daughters.  Sergey in Kaliningrad, formerly, Konigsberg, has 5 children.  The elder son of my wife lives in California.  He has 5 children.  Vitaly and Vera live near us in a new apartment.  They have 5 children.  Between my wife and I, we have 25 grandchildren.  All our children and grandchildren serve God and glorify Him.  My sister Pasha has 10 children, 8 of whom live in America.  My brother Sasha has 12 children, most of whom live in America.  My sister Anna had 4 children.

I had intended to write a book about my childhood for a long time, but I procrastinated.  Living in Kazakhstan when our children and grandchildren met at our home, I told them stories about my life in the evenings.  I am not a politician, neither a philosopher, nor a writer.  Let the dear reader forgive me if I too candidly expressed my feelings or in some moments did not accurately cite several events or dates.  May God forgive me for my many sins which I committed in my childhood and youth.  For all that He sent in my life, both joys and sorrows, I hold unbounded appreciation to Him, the Creator of the whole universe and every living thing in it.  To Him may unbounded praise and thanksgiving sound from my lips as well as those of our children and grandchildren.



Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

Peychev, Viktor Aleksandrovich


As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years,

Or if due to strength, eighty years,

Yet their pride is but labor and sorrow;

For soon it is gone, and we fly away.”

(Ps. 90:10, NASB)

Some time, my daughter Galina sent me a card on my birthday which stated:

“The years fly away, they fly away…

Like birds in a distant flight,

Only birds once again fly back,

But no one can ever give back our years, try they might.”


I deeply pondered these words and desired to continue the thought.  I took a piece of paper, a pen, and went on.

“The years left are quite few since our birth,

Maybe this is the final flight,

But there at the end of our path on earth

Our Creator with delight does await.

Yes, how quickly the years fly away…

Ten, twenty, forty, sixty, they say.

Oh, what a pity, that not everyone understands,

That standing before the Judge is their end.

And holding their tongue for every abuse,

Before the stern, impartial judge.

With him there is no excuse,

Every punishment they will hear without a hedge.

If in your life you brought God the glory

Good deeds that you lived and performed

If you did not abandon the path so thorny,

But in humility walked and conformed

Then on the Day of Judgment God will say,

‘Friend, come enter My joy!’ He will tell.

If your path went astray,

Then you will end up with the Devil in Hell.

So quickly our years fly, fly far away,

Even in a severe, very treacherous flight.

Only I beg you, do not go astray,

Else you only will look forward to eternal death in fright.

Young friend, or elderly man or lady,

Do not spend your days in vain!

Hurry and reconcile with God Almighty,

Hurry quickly, today!

Hurry without hesitation, my friend,

How the flight of our years pushes ahead!

Rebirth in Christ should be our desired end,

By the Lord’s severe mercy, so He has said!

He even for us has added one more year,

And given us warmth and something to eat.

How can we give Him our glory and fear?

How can we repay Him with some kind of feat?”


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